Saturday, July 24, 2010

High Mileage

I got in with a group of guys moving pretty fast. Bamma, B, and Left Field are their names. I met Left Field back when I was hiking with Stucco, Neutron, and Xan. It was a ton of fun to see him again. We are done with Mass and are just about done with Vermont. Dalton, MA was a neat town and we met Tom there. He offered us a place to stay, gave us ice cream, let us shower, etc, etc. He helped us slack pack up and over Graylock. It was a long day, but was nice to know we were coming back to a bed and a shower.

Some people are critical of people moving fast on the trail because "you can't enjoy the trail experience." I have found that as I move faster I just enjoy different things than when I move slow. No I can't see the little beetles or the unique spots of the different fungi or watch the trees do their dance in the wind. I do notice the nuances within my body and I notice the affects of social pulls. You learn to appreciate different things. The relief at the end of the day is so much greater after a 30+ day than it is after a 20 mile day.

Anyhow, I'm doing big miles, I'm in the Green Mountains of Vermont, excited to get to the Whites, the end is in sight.